I am going to visit sheep!


NY Sheep and Wool Festival

NY Sheep and Wool Festival

I am excited to be going to a wool and sheep festival with my knitting group next Sunday. We’re all city gals so for me going to Rhinebeck NY for this will be fun.

They have yarn, roving and fleece for sale there as well as many, many workshops and events. I didn’t go last year but this year I am excited about it.

I’ve also have been wanted to learn how to spin using a drop spindle so this will be a really cool way to get some roving to start with. Heck like I said I’m a city gal so seeing real animals is always fun.Almost every yarn group or store is having a bus or sharing a bus to get up there (it’s a little over 2 hour drive from where I live, not counting getting through the traffic out of the city) so it helps to go up in a group. Out whole group is planning on bringing their knitting to work on on the drive up. This promises to be fun.






Turn Left

cup cozy1┬áLike that Doctor Who episode, you make decisions all the time, never knowing what the final outcome will. Sometimes you don’t even realize you’re making a decision or what impact it will have. I decided to start tax school but I think the real decision was started back in 2011 when I took 3 really short contract positions in a row, nothing was the same after that. Although honestly I didn’t really like any of those jobs. And I really hated working contract positions, it’s like always being on a first date. I’m cutting ties and going to tax school (I went last year but didn’t finish since I got what was supposed to be a long-term contract and actually lasted 6 weeks) so I already know I like it and am good at it. It feels like such a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It’s only a couple of blocks away so I can walk instead of an hour-long commute.

This past year I also got back into knitting as I posted a few times. It has been like therapy for me. I’m still sculpting and smooshing the clay but knitting is my hobby for relaxing, when I’m watching TV or just waiting in the doctor’s office. I’ve come to the conclusion I need to do what works best for me. Even if means taking a job my husband feels isn’t “good” enough for me, just taking this a little slower and stop stressing about the little stuff.

I also went to the doctor this week, it seems I have really bad allergies to something but god knows what. Since I have had issues with my sinuses for years and no real sense of smell in years, I assume this isn’t new but this month it got really bad and I couldn’t breathe and nothing seemed to work.

I know this post is different from most but I also decided to change my slant on my blog. Just showing off my work isn’t working for me or it seems anyone else. Actually I find it boring too. So over the next few months, I’ll be making a few changes but nothing too major.


Finally a sale!

Polymer Clay Wicked Witch Art Doll

Wicked Witch Art Doll


It’s been nearly 3 months without a sale but finally today. Happy dance. I have been getting so discouraged, I’ve listed so many new things but finally a sale. People haven’t even been willing to do trades. Ding dong the witch is dead, which old witch, the wicked witch.

BTW check out my shop FantasyClayStore for more. I’ll do a happy dance for every order and throw in a free gift as well!

Face Canes!

Polymer Clay Face Cane

Polymer Clay Face Cane


This week I decided to make a face cane – if only because I’ve never made one before and it seemed like a good idea. All in all, I’m kind of please with it for a first time. Still I was stuck with the next thought – what to do with this cane. At this point it is about 3 inches across so I had a lot to play with.

Rescued! I am going to the Connecticut Clay Connection later this month and I just found out I need to bring 60 inchies for a swap. Well in 2 days I made them all using this cane and some decoration. One cane can have a lot of looks

Here are the 60 inchies I made. It’s not one face any more but lots of them! They’re all one inch squares and even thought they are canes, they still tend toward the 3 dimension.

Face Cane Inchies

Face Cane Inchies- set 1

Face Cane Inchies

Face Cane Inchies – set 2

Face Cane Inches - set 3

Face Cane Inches – set 3

Finding Inspiration at home


Polymer clay Urban Setting Wall Hanging

Polymer clay Urban Setting Wall Hanging


One take away from my class with Christi freisen two weeks ago was if you want to explore, you have to just create and not worry so much about what am I going to do with it after. With that in mind I’ve been letting my self just work in whatever size of shape I needed. Most stuff has been the size of mini wall hanging. Working without worrying if it will sell or what will I do with it, has been freeing. I’ve forgotten how fun that can be.

I’m also a city girl. I am not in an concrete jungle, there are lots of trees in my city and I am sitting in my backyard right now. I wanted to get across the beauty that is here. There is concrete and rust and noise but there is a lot to love. I find that forgotten in a lot of work. Nature is beautiful maybe even more so when you see it can still survive and peak through all that man has made.

I like where I am and as beautiful as the country is, I enjoy the city. I just want to share this beauty.


Fun with Christi Freisen


Stained Glass Polymer Clay Wallhanging

Stained Glass Polymer Clay Wallhanging

This weekend I had the thrill of doing another bunch of workshops with Christi Friesen in her stop in NYC in her world tour of workshops. I had only planned to go to 2 but I decided once I was at the first to go and do all 4. Each featured different techniques but the techniques or projects just feel like the arrow on the way. Each class was different, we did vessels on Thursday (I’m not happy with my ┬áresults on that one so I’m just not posting it)

“Painterly” or painting with polymer clay on Friday.

Polymer Painting

Polymer Clay  Painting

Saturday we started with Pegasuses, like I said I almost didnt go on Saturday because I already do her sculpture and the other project (stained glass) didn’t really interest me.

Polymer Clay Steampunk pegaus

Polymer Clay Steampunk Pegasus

Saturday we started with Pegasuses, like I said I almost didnt go on Saturday because I already do her sculpture and the other project (stained glass) didn’t really interest me on paper but honestly I think I did my best stuff on Saturday but wasn’t the reason I took the extra day.

If you never had a class with her, they are just plain fun. It’s like hanging with your best bud. When I’ve had people say another work shop with her, why not something more advanced, would you ask me why I hang out with a friend too much? There are a bunch of Christi groupies there (including myself). She is free and easy with pictures and videos – here is a video I took of her teaching a simple leaf tuorial.

But she sneaks learning in, between techniques there are lots of words of wisdom between the laughs. Learning doesn’t have to be hard, just like you can learn a lot from friends sitting around just talking, you can learn a lot in her workshops. First one is who you are and what you do is right. She makes it okay to be a super newbie who never picked up clay before or hobbiest or selling or an aspiring artist or all of them. I love when we were talking about moving forward towards becoming a recognized artist or finding your own style and just learning to enjoy having fun with clay and let it all come out.

She makes everyone feel comfortable and is great at finding the best in your work. She is so smart and so ready to share what she knows and what she makes, the freedom is great. I like that she feels art should be shared and techniques should be shared. People will copy, we all do but by copying and sharing we all gain.