Journey of a sweater

Decadent Fibers Marshmallow YArnA few months ago when I when to the sheep and yarn fest in Reinbeck, I picks up about 1500 yards of this super soft yarn – from Decadent Fibers- can anything be more fitting a name? Going through their discount bin I found enough hanks to make a sweater and all would work together. They are all variegated hand dyed yarns with the same basic greens and browns. One of my biggest addictions is buying yarn and then not knowing what to do with it or because I only bought a ball or two or rainbow of colors that don’t match.

I wasn’t sure at first what I wanted to make, I checked every place for ideas for patterns. After much searching and thinking I knew what I wanted. I looked at cardigans and pullovers and what have you. Finally an idea came to me based on a sweater I bought recently. It had a ribbed bodice and sleeves and then a plain knknitted bottom for a nice empire waist. Sometimes knowing what you want is harder than not knowing. I checked everyone for a similar pattern, even in different yarn weights since I really have no problem with “adjusting” patterns. I am Ravelry addict but still no luck there.
I knew I could figure one out, I’m used to top down knitting so I knew I could do this.
Sometimes when you know what you want it’s harder to find the pattern.

Basic Sweater Design

Basic Sweater Design


Finally now that I finished Jess’s socks, I had to get serious on finding a pattern. I found one close to what I wanted but it was made using cabling and it wasn’t quite right. I really just wanted to do a top down Raglan since that is much easier. Finally after much searching, I realized what I was looking for wasn’t there. I was on my own, sort of.

I used to figure out the math for top down but now there are online generators for that.  I decided to go with Knitting Fool Generator. It is pretty basic but I just wanted one to figure out beginning stitch counts. So I go my gauges and my measurements and just put them in. I fudged a little since I didn’t want any ease in the bodice (it automatically adds 2,4,or 6 inches).

marshmellow sweater 1To begin,  with I am using a broken rib for the bodice and arms and am finally at a point where it all stretches out to the circular needle. As I went to take a pick of all the yarn, I realized I started with the wrong green. I meant to start with the green I had 2 of, it’s also lighter, so  I will probably spend the night ripping out and starting over again. I want this to come out right, so I will bite the bullet and do it right,

Another detail – I love an empire waist and snug bodice but I have noticed with frustration all to often that too often that bodice is too short – either if it’s cups, smocking, surplice style. That style works so well with my shape but not when the cups end mid way across the girls.Even  in the sweater I like that, the ribbing ends about half way across my boobs. It just ruins the effect. At list if I knit it I can fix that.

After I finish the bodice and the top of the arms(?) I plan to switch to stst and a larger needle for a looser drapyer fabric. I promise I will keep you updated on this journey.

I finally did it

hufflepuff sockI finally just went to my boss and said I can’t take this any longer. I let my direct supervisor know last week how I was feeling but honestly I didn’t expect a change. The project is a sinking ship and now at the end they are changing the method now. I stayed on until he got his company computer and all access, but then I said no more.

The real overall executive manager was really nice and spoke to his boss at Novartis (it is a mess a contracts and crap) I was supposed to work till Wednesday but I cleared all my stuff out on Monday and Tuesday I was still a mess, so I just didn’t go in. I change him all my notes, templates, contacts etc that I gleaned from the mess of info they had.

Finally today I am feeling better. I spent last night spinning yarn and knitting my daughter’s socks. I’m a bit behind but they are coming along. Now I can settle in and knit,

Making the same mistake….

Minion Keychain

Definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. I finally got a job this fall – working for a PMO office in a large company. If you don’t know what a PMO office is, it’s the project managers who manage the head project manager of several streams of work. Those managers are usually overseeing several more. It is mostly about meetings and executives and is getting me crazy.

My last few jobs – well the few I’ve had since 2011 – have all been all this level, none of which lasted long nor have I been very good at them. I am a project coordinator which at that level usually means taking minutes and making stuff look good for the executives. Honestly you really aren’t “doing” anything. Even the people being managed aren’t the ones doing anything.

I’m more of just get to the point and I really hate the politics of it all. I loved working deep down actually interacting with the technicians – even when it was scheduling them. I like being part of the team, not the one being handed minutes and spending an hour trying to get the bullets to line up.

I need to get out of this and stop making this mistake. I finished my tax prep class and hopefully will be offered a job. It’s a small business and relaxed. Yes those tax places are all independent. And I’m actually good at it. I need to break away from the suits and making things look pretty to doing real stuff.

I know taxes aren’t too real but it is actually doing something and I will have time to have a life. Right now, even managing my schedule, I am too tense at the end of the day to do more that curl up and sleep. I have a pair of Hufflepuff socks that need finishing for Christmas and I still have a way to go.

My real takeaway is that I will finish up this job (if I don’t get the tax prep one but it seems likely I will) and not matter what, I am staying away from executives and PMOs and hopefully big companies. I need a human touch at work, not executives, let someone else handle them, I am too straight forward for them.

I am going to visit sheep!


NY Sheep and Wool Festival

NY Sheep and Wool Festival

I am excited to be going to a wool and sheep festival with my knitting group next Sunday. We’re all city gals so for me going to Rhinebeck NY for this will be fun.

They have yarn, roving and fleece for sale there as well as many, many workshops and events. I didn’t go last year but this year I am excited about it.

I’ve also have been wanted to learn how to spin using a drop spindle so this will be a really cool way to get some roving to start with. Heck like I said I’m a city gal so seeing real animals is always fun.Almost every yarn group or store is having a bus or sharing a bus to get up there (it’s a little over 2 hour drive from where I live, not counting getting through the traffic out of the city) so it helps to go up in a group. Out whole group is planning on bringing their knitting to work on on the drive up. This promises to be fun.






Turn Left

cup cozy1 Like that Doctor Who episode, you make decisions all the time, never knowing what the final outcome will. Sometimes you don’t even realize you’re making a decision or what impact it will have. I decided to start tax school but I think the real decision was started back in 2011 when I took 3 really short contract positions in a row, nothing was the same after that. Although honestly I didn’t really like any of those jobs. And I really hated working contract positions, it’s like always being on a first date. I’m cutting ties and going to tax school (I went last year but didn’t finish since I got what was supposed to be a long-term contract and actually lasted 6 weeks) so I already know I like it and am good at it. It feels like such a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It’s only a couple of blocks away so I can walk instead of an hour-long commute.

This past year I also got back into knitting as I posted a few times. It has been like therapy for me. I’m still sculpting and smooshing the clay but knitting is my hobby for relaxing, when I’m watching TV or just waiting in the doctor’s office. I’ve come to the conclusion I need to do what works best for me. Even if means taking a job my husband feels isn’t “good” enough for me, just taking this a little slower and stop stressing about the little stuff.

I also went to the doctor this week, it seems I have really bad allergies to something but god knows what. Since I have had issues with my sinuses for years and no real sense of smell in years, I assume this isn’t new but this month it got really bad and I couldn’t breathe and nothing seemed to work.

I know this post is different from most but I also decided to change my slant on my blog. Just showing off my work isn’t working for me or it seems anyone else. Actually I find it boring too. So over the next few months, I’ll be making a few changes but nothing too major.


Finally a sale!

Polymer Clay Wicked Witch Art Doll

Wicked Witch Art Doll


It’s been nearly 3 months without a sale but finally today. Happy dance. I have been getting so discouraged, I’ve listed so many new things but finally a sale. People haven’t even been willing to do trades. Ding dong the witch is dead, which old witch, the wicked witch.

BTW check out my shop FantasyClayStore for more. I’ll do a happy dance for every order and throw in a free gift as well!