Bayonne Community Museum Show


I didn’t get any dolls done this week – I was in a community museum show near my house. I displayed 5 of my dolls. I was nervous enough to show them off in public, imagine my surprise when I got 2 commissions due to being in this shop.

Add that to my birthday last Saturday, I just wasn’t up to making anything, this coming week though I have 2 dolls to complete.

Doll Challenge – Week 12


This week’s doll is one of the rare male dolls I’ve done. This is Gene, a travelling messenger.He’s cheery fellow, ready for a chat whenever he finds a friend.


Doll Challenge – Week 11 – Dancer



I took a class last year to make a (mostly) cloth doll – well at least to me. Originally we used paper clay instead of  polymer clay -that’s just how it was taught. I decided to remake another one. I have a little more experience on the templates – that means they don’t add seamlines and such.

I made some more gelli printed silk for the body – that may have been the funnest part. She’s kind of large too, about sixteen inches if she could stand, basically I just have her hanging in my studio.I like the sari sick ribbon I used to sort of “bandage” her and the flower skirt. She has button jointed at the shoulders and hips so she can move a little but hanging on the wall (ignore the ugly wall paper) she is not going anywhere.

I’m not putting her up for sales but check out my shop,  for more dolls.

Doll Challenge – Week 10 – Easter Doll

jointed bunny doll

This week I went in a different direction. I wanted to try some more jointed dolls and I am getting stuck on dressing dolls. I really like the sculpting part better, maybe I need to find a partner who likes to sew – but never mind that for now.

To add to the fun, I decided to use Doreen Kassel‘s oil painting techniques to get a soft and primitive look. She uses white clay then oil paints the cured clay. It has a translucency to it that is hard to beat. Everyone said never use oils on polymer clay but she too doesn’t listen to the rules and she gets amazing results. I can’t compare but I love this little guy.

I’m not sure if he counts as a doll or a figurine but I love him. Check out my shop for more.

Doll Challenge – Week 9 – Hibernated Doll




I really like the progress I made on this doll. The face sculpt came easily, the hands worked out well and she even stands on her own. She was the first doll I tried that I made so large; her head fits right in my palm.

The head worked up nicely and I used Genesis heat set paints to color and give it life. I remember when I first started making dolls and figures with flesh, I never heard of using paints after the sculpt. At most I added a little pink powder blush on their checks before baking. What a difference even a simple acrylic burnt umber wash can do to make a face can alive – that extra bit of color just brings it together.

Looking at the face, I realize it could be either sex, but I was thinking female so I made an under skirt for it last night. I have been stuck in all ways about a costume. I feel like it needs something more than the very basic – there is room for details and I’m not sure if I want another witch – although she would look great for Halloween decoration. There just seems to be a blur for the next step.

I kept procrastinating – let me get hair, let me get fabric – well I have grey hair now, I have lots of fabric but I don’t know what I want to do. I thought starting with the slip and under garments would give me a spark but still nowhere. I guess sometimes you have to know when to stop and just let a creation rest until the next piece is ready.

I wanted a finished creation to post but she, maybe he in the end, is going to be sitting around bald and naked for a while until I know what comes next. It is better to wait and see than to just barge ahead at this point.

It is more a matter of waiting until that spark of creativity points at this doll again, for now she will hibernate on my shelf (not hidden in a drawer) until an idea hits me,

Doll Challenge – Week 8 – Granny

polymer clay bust

I went bigger this time with some really good results. Using a tutorial on to make granny bust, this is my result. She still isn’t finished, I need to find something to mount the bust on, she turned out larger than I expected, her head is about 2 inches.

I went with the smiling granny but this one seems mischievous – she’s the fun granny who let you stay up late and eat her homemade cookies for breakfast. With a twinkle in her eye and some wild frizzy hair, you always know spending time with her was going to be a wild ride and your mom was going to be annoyed after but that was part of the fun.

Granny is made of polymer clay on a aluminum foil base and still needs a really base. I used Genesis heat set paints. I am really getting the hang of them. They stay wet like oils until you apply heat for about 5 minutes either with heat gun or oven (I prefer the oven, I’ve burn too many things with a heat gun) The heat set paints have a translucency I can’t get from acrylics.

And speaking of translucency, I tried a new mix of clay for this doll – I used super sculpey and Fimo Doll. The fimo gave it a nice smoothness and the Super Sculpey has a translucence that I can’t find in the other doll clays. However alone Super Sculpey darkens terribly.