Collection of Inchies

 spaghetti inches

spaghetti inches

A good swap can bring out creativity in ways that a single project doesn’t. You need to find something that is reproducible enough for many items (in this case 80) but still leaves room for expression and some individuality. I don’t want to just cookie cutter 80 pieces that are exactly the same.

After testing a few ideas, I decided on using relief texture using the thinnest snake die that comes with the Makins extruder. After that it was just a matter of placement. Or so I thought. It became a fun exploration of composition, moods, balance. Who knew what a difference a couple of strands could do. Some are frenetic chaos, others a graceful composition of few neat strands.

I was turn between leaving them white on white or using a wash to enhance the texture.Here the decision was made for me when the white yellowed in the oven and needed some brightening. A blue wash was called for. So color and enhancing came in one serendipitous moment.

I am glad I found a theme for my inchie swap at ClayConnection 2016 that came together so well.

Bayonne Community Museum Show


I didn’t get any dolls done this week – I was in a community museum show near my house. I displayed 5 of my dolls. I was nervous enough to show them off in public, imagine my surprise when I got 2 commissions due to being in this shop.

Add that to my birthday last Saturday, I just wasn’t up to making anything, this coming week though I have 2 dolls to complete.

Doll Challenge – Week 12


This week’s doll is one of the rare male dolls I’ve done. This is Gene, a travelling messenger.He’s cheery fellow, ready for a chat whenever he finds a friend.


Doll Challenge – Week 11 – Dancer



I took a class last year to make a (mostly) cloth doll – well at least to me. Originally we used paper clay instead of ¬†polymer clay -that’s just how it was taught. I decided to remake another one. I have a little more experience on the templates – that means they don’t add seamlines and such.

I made some more gelli printed silk for the body – that may have been the funnest part. She’s kind of large too, about sixteen inches if she could stand, basically I just have her hanging in my studio.I like the sari sick ribbon I used to sort of “bandage” her and the flower skirt. She has button jointed at the shoulders and hips so she can move a little but hanging on the wall (ignore the ugly wall paper) she is not going anywhere.

I’m not putting her up for sales but check out my shop, ¬†for more dolls.

Doll Challenge – Week 10 – Easter Doll

jointed bunny doll

This week I went in a different direction. I wanted to try some more jointed dolls and I am getting stuck on dressing dolls. I really like the sculpting part better, maybe I need to find a partner who likes to sew – but never mind that for now.

To add to the fun, I decided to use Doreen Kassel‘s oil painting techniques to get a soft and primitive look. She uses white clay then oil paints the cured clay. It has a translucency to it that is hard to beat. Everyone said never use oils on polymer clay but she too doesn’t listen to the rules and she gets amazing results. I can’t compare but I love this little guy.

I’m not sure if he counts as a doll or a figurine but I love him. Check out my shop for more.

Doll Challenge – Week 9 – Hibernated Doll




I really like the progress I made on this doll. The face sculpt came easily, the hands worked out well and she even stands on her own. She was the first doll I tried that I made so large; her head fits right in my palm.

The head worked up nicely and I used Genesis heat set paints to color and give it life. I remember when I first started making dolls and figures with flesh, I never heard of using paints after the sculpt. At most I added a little pink powder blush on their checks before baking. What a difference even a simple acrylic burnt umber wash can do to make a face can alive – that extra bit of color just brings it together.

Looking at the face, I realize it could be either sex, but I was thinking female so I made an under skirt for it last night. I have been stuck in all ways about a costume. I feel like it needs something more than the very basic – there is room for details and I’m not sure if I want another witch – although she would look great for Halloween decoration. There just seems to be a blur for the next step.

I kept procrastinating – let me get hair, let me get fabric – well I have grey hair now, I have lots of fabric but I don’t know what I want to do. I thought starting with the slip and under garments would give me a spark but still nowhere. I guess sometimes you have to know when to stop and just let a creation rest until the next piece is ready.

I wanted a finished creation to post but she, maybe he in the end, is going to be sitting around bald and naked for a while until I know what comes next. It is better to wait and see than to just barge ahead at this point.

It is more a matter of waiting until that spark of creativity points at this doll again, for now she will hibernate on my shelf (not hidden in a drawer) until an idea hits me,