Pinterest #fails and creativity

shark cup cakes

We’ve all seen those gorgeous ideas on Pinterest – that wonderful DIY yourself, these shark cupcakes, the “easy” decorating idea or make up tip or whatever. Usually we ooh and ah and let it go saying I can’t do that. But you know who I really admire? The people who make those #fails. They took that next step and tried to do it even if the results weren’t what they hoped for.

No one is going to make a masterpiece that first time, the real trick is that creative people look at those mistakes as first attempts, not a place to give up. Anyway I bet when you serve them at your 5 yo’s birthday party, the kids will love them. It’s up how you define it.

When you find what it is you enjoy, work on that. Stick to one thing, like learning to knit, and prepare to struggle a bit and learn a little at a time. Start simple – make the basics before you try all the fancy stuff.  You’ll have successes along the way. What looked impossible to do, now is more than achievable. You are being creative.

The only way to fail is not to try. Nobody starts as a master. The trick is to accept the mistakes as part of learning. Go to a class, look online, try it again and again and again. Over time, it becomes easier to do and you’ll want to try more. Even when you decide to try something new, no skill is worthless, it will help in the next thing you try.

It’s in all this making and trying, you’ll surprise yourself. You learn your own style and try new things and testing new ideas, all that struggle is paying off and you are truly creative in that it is yours and your alone.

Edited to add the most important thing: Don’t compare yourself to others!



Summer comes to an End


As I feel the last bits of summer fading away, As the kids go back to school  As I see all the back to school stuff and realize officially the end of summer is here. Actually it is still hot and no kids to go back to school but whatever. I decided to take stock of what I did this summer.

I started it off my getting a watercolor heart tattoo. To be honest I’m not really happy with it and will be getting it touched up. It’s on my wrist so I have to look at it all the time and it is bugging the hell out of.


.I actually to the beach – twice in fact  – with sister and my mom. This is was a big deal since I hadn’t gone down the shore in about 15 years.It felt being a kid again except we finished the days with margaritas and wine.

August started with a crash. My daughter decided to try roller derby. Yes that incredibly violent sport of skating in a circle while trying to hit people. I don’t even know what the actual goal is. Well on the first day, in the first lesson, in the first fifteen minutes, she fell. It turned out to be a badly broken ankle. Thank god, the Roller Derby Queen decided to end her career.

All in all it has been a pretty nice summer. I hope yours went as well. Let me the highlights of your summer in the comments.

Polymer Clay Skull Bead Tutorial

How-to: Polymer clay skull beads « Lark Crafts

I found this quick and easy skull tutorial on Skull Bead Tutorial.  It is a very easy tutorial to do, it is perfect for beginners getting ready for Halloween. What caught my eye is not just how she made them beads but all the distortions and the finishing.

This is would look great with glow in the dark clay for a spooky look at night plus Glow in the Dark has just the right look for bone went it is not glowing.

Check out for the full tutorial. You’ll want to make a whole grave yard of skulls.





New Steampunk Doll

Aria - polymer clay steampunk doll

Aria – polymer clay steampunk doll


Close up view

Steampunk doll Aria – close up


Polymer clay steam punk doll

Polymer clay steam punk doll



Steampunk base


I started an online class in early May with Elena Loukianova on to make a steampunk doll. I am not usually very good with follow through with online classes but this was got me moving. I just finished Aria, this week.

I am really so proud of her. She is mostly polymer clay over an aluminum armature. The best part was dressing her. I used silks, tulle and ribbons. The hardest part was the head and then when it was all done and weeks later,  I was about to put it on the body, I realized it was really off and had to adjust a lot.

She sits on a steampunk trunk that I made of wood and stuff. If she was standing, she’s be about 11-12 inches tall. Full height of her on the base is about 7.5 inches. She is free from the base but is not poseable.



Fairy Doll Swap

Pin Doll Swap

Pin Doll Swap


Bluebell Fairy Doll Swap

I just finished this cute little fairy for a doll swap. She is about 3 inches long and is actually a pin doll. I had lots of fun making her, she was so simple. I just used torn polymer clay to look like fabric and added silk fibers for her hair. I always like seeing what I can come up with when given a challenge with a set goal.



I’ve been going through a rough patch with my anxiety. Even more so since it feels like it’s something that is really hard to talk. How do you explain that just asking for a cup of coffee today is making you feel like you want to jump out of your skin when the day before you were chatting it up with the waitress and asking about her nail polish

There are lots of ways to deal with it and there are all sorts of triggers for different people, crowds is a big. It’s always great to find someone else who understands what you’re feeling. It feels even better when you realize even the famous deal with those same issues. I saw Wil Weaton’s blog today —

How do I deal with anxiety where he answered the question for one of his fans.

If you don’t remember, Wil Weaton started off as Wesley on Star Trek: the Next Generation. You might not know that he is still very involved in different in the industry and also many conventions for sci-fi, comic book and other fans. His answer was very honest and upfront:

. The first step for me is to recognize that anxiety is rising up, and then work to identify what’s causing it. (I realize that, for some people, doing just that can cause the anxiety to increase into a feedback loop, so maybe meds are a better first step until the anxiety gets under control). If I’m able to identify the cause (maybe it’s upcoming travel, or a deadline, or I have to deal with a personal thing that I’d rather not deal with) I work to separate RATIONAL thoughts from IRRATIONAL thoughts. This is a real challenge, because the brain is responsible for that job, and when the brain is being controlled by anxiety or other mental health issues, it can be less than helpful. 

I find it great to see people talking about their own mental health issues, since it is so hard to talk about. I’ve tried hiding it and have heard, just snap out of, I hope mental health will stop be a taboo subject as more and more people are willing to talk and share their experiences.