Another year older…

Fantasy Garden Polymer Clay Necklace

Fantasy Garden Necklace

It’s my birthday today! Another year older and maybe a tiny bit wiser or not. It’s been a good day, hubby bought me breakfast and I slept late since I am not working at the moment. Also I don’t have shingles or whooping-cough as birthday presents as has happened before. I am healthy, relaxed and enjoying my day. I always like my birthday but some actually days have been better than others.

I made this necklace a few weeks ago for myself with the intent on me keeping it instead of for sale in my shop. I like it and it feels like the perfect gift to give to myself. I also got to go to a clay workshop this past weekend (more on what I made there in a later post) and my mom got me tickets to Billy Joel’s show in Madison Square Garden in October (OK I picked out the tickets and she offered it as a gift) I got pretty a decent seat – especially since there are very few left, he’s almost sold out until the end of 2014. He is my ultimate favorite singer, I haven’t seen him perform since there early 2000′s.

So altogether this is a good start to the new year.  Although this is the very first time my age has bothered me (a little) but then at 48 if this is the first time I’m doing ok. Why do guy age so much better anyway? Robert Downey Jr turned 49 this week as well (April 4) – it’s not fair. small pout.


Funkasaurus Cake Topper

Funkasaurus Wrestling Cake Topper

Funkasaurus Wrestling Cake Topper

I had a lot of fun making this challenging custom cake topper. This pose is one of the trickiest. She also wanted a flag and her groom in with some special touches based on a favorite wrestler. I later found out this wrestler is Broden Clay. Kind of fitting since now he is made of clay.

Heck I don’t know anything about wrestling but if you tell me what you want, I’ll make. I love making dynamic, action filled cake toppers. They don’t have to all be wrestlers but I seem to get requests from them especially. Check out all my cake toppers on Etsy. As always if you don’t see what you like, feel free to ask for what you want. Remember you can have toppers for all sorts of occasions.

Non Wedding Cake Toppers

Wrestling cake toppers

Wrestling Cake topper with ref

I recently had a request for some NON wedding cake toppers, 2 friends did really well this season on their wrestling team so their mom’s wanted to surprise them with cake toppers they can save forever. Cake toppers can help make any cake a special one. Want a to celebtate a winning season, have an exciting dragon cake – check out my shop FantasyClay and pick out your favorite.

Small talk is the Grease in the Gears

Admit it, our lives are built on it. Even online. After weeks of snow, after every storm, there are still hundreds of pics saying “look at my snow”. When we get to work, we say how’s the weather by you, rough ride? Plenty of little bit all day – like How are you? (when you really don’t care) and have a great day. That new haircut looks wonderful on you.

Polymer clay Nervous monsterWhy do we do it? Or we just mindless automatons who just spout out the words because we have to or is it something more. I think it is a little more. That meaningless chatter is the grease that holds it all together. We’re social animals and we all like to be acknowledged in some way. Those simple phrases you offer do that and open the way for more. We all seem to take it badly if we are ignored after we say hi.

So it opens doors, acknowledges others and makes them feel good. It also fills those awkward silences  I tried to explain this to my daughter who is shy but trying to reach out. She was surprised that the guy she liked didn’t get turned off by her asking “So, how are you today” because it was so cliche. Even works for GenY.

Hey it even works when you don’t want to talk. So you offer the grouch in 2 cubicles over a (forced) smile and how’s your day when you walk past her desk, if only because it keep you from strangling her but you know later you will need her help and you might as well not start trouble. Maybe she is the who holds the keys to storage room and you know you need them.

Does the internet remove the need for small talk? Actually it just adds to it. Pictures of lunch, silly updates are all more small talk. The like button is the smile you give back. How many did you click like on friends’ baby pictures even though they post one daily but you know it makes her feel good. We give a little and we get some back.

It comes down to the small talk leads to real talking, real laughs and smooths the bumps on the road. It is like the soothing lotion to hold down the rough patches and to lead to more. So next time you think it is just inane blather, think about what happens when you do just stare and say nothing.

Ignoring the Superbowl

yarn1 Once more it is a February Sunday where it seems everyone is focused on sports game that I have no interest in. Actually I’m not interested in any sports, but neither was my dad nor is my husband so it works out well.

It’s funny because the superbowl and I are the same age. But then seeing that number now makes me groan. I’ve watched a few times. For some reason, my sister and I watched Superbowl X. I remember cheering for the Dallas Cowboys over the Steelers because we liked the light blue uniforms better. A few years ago I woke up minutes before the Giants won over the Packers. As a New Jerseyian, I cheer for the Giants by default. And although I am not interested in the game, I would like people to remember the game is in Jersey and the Giants and the Jet play and are based out of Jersey. I’m more of a Jersey fan than a Giants fan or football fan or any sports fan.

So I’m sitting on my couch knitting, typing and watching Episode 7 of Firefly. I love when the find out Jayne is a “hero”. If you don’t know about Firefly, don’t worry, but their fandom is one you can really admire.